Virtual Living Well 2024 schedule

MS Society‘s Living Well programme delivers virtual wellbeing courses, sessions and webinars for everyone affected by MS in the UK.

Most of their sessions are for people living with MS. This allows for a safe space for honest and open conversations. The sessions sometimes open these to the wider audience of those affected by MS, where appropriate. The service makes it clear who they’re for in the sign up process.

Information webinars are open for everyone.

Here is MS Society‘s schedule of their UK wide Living Well sessions coming up in 2024 together with booking links:

DateTitleEventbrite Link
15/01/24Progressive forms of MS
18/01/24Life Admin Webinar
05/02/24Managing Stress & Anxiety
15/02/24Employment & MS Webinar
22/02/24What’s Next? Newly Diagnosed Webinar
13/03/24Brain Health & MS Webinar
11/04/24Relationships & MS Webinar
07/05/24What’s Next? Newly Diagnosed Webinar
09/05/24MS & Mental Health – research Webinar
16/05/24Mental Health & MS Webinar
20/06/24REFUEL-MS Fatigue Webinar
25/07/24Diet & MS: what current evidence is telling us
22/08/24Being Active with MS Webinar
26/09/24What’s Next? Newly Diagnosed Webinar
17/10/24Menopause & MS Webinar
14/11/24Bladder, Bowel and Sexuality Webinar
26/11/24What’s Next? Newly Diagnosed Webinar

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